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Emraan Hashmi Diet And Workout Tips Will Keep You Fit For Life.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
September 17, 2019

Actor Emraan Hashmi was not known for his masculine body. So fans were shocked when he revealed his six pack abs. Emraan revealed he is working out ever since he became an adult. He actually loves working out and feels something is missing on days he does not exercise.


Emraan Hashmi


Emraan is very careful about foods he eats. But at the same time he is also flexible when it comes to diet. When asked this is what he told about his daily diet and exercise,

Emraan Hashmi Diet Plan

Emraan eats egg whites, chicken, daal, brown bread and rice, fruits and vegetables on daily basis.

Since Emraan travels a lot for shooting he makes sure he does not eat junk food while traveling, in order to avoid eating oily foods he carries some fruits with him all the time.

Emraan Hashmi Exercise Plan

Unlike most Indian men Emraan does not believe developing six pack abs is ultimate fitness goal. Emraan not only focuses on abdomen crunches but he also performs full body workouts every day. Emraan also does cardio and yoga to improve his stamina.

When it comes to long time fitness Emraan believes consistency is important, he says no matter what diet and exercise plan one choses he/she has to follow it for a long period to see result.



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