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Diet And Exercise Plan To Get A Body Like Actor Varun Dhawan!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
June 18, 2019

Varun Dhawan has the most enviable body among current Bollywood actors. Varun’s cute face and handsome body are the main reasons why young women find him drool worthy. But make no mistake Varun needs to work hard to look as good as he does. Varun also cannot eat sweets. Here is what Varun does to maintain his awesome shape.

Varun Dhawan Diet Plan

 Breakfast: Two liters of plain water, a lemon, and oatmeal without sugar or milk, egg white Omelette cooked without any oil.

Lunch: Brown rice, grilled chicken, and veggies.

Dinner: Brown bread and vegetables.

This is hard, as Varun in not allowed to eat sugary fruits or fruit juices. He can only drink plain water, black coffee and black tea.

Varun Dhawan Exercise Plan

Varun spends two hours inside a gym every day. He does Yoga, Pilates, weight training, trade mill exercises, and running. Varun loves using new equipment at the gym. He has two trainers; he even travels with his trainer.

Varun is young and has no health issues. He can do what he wants but he is careful about not to get injured during workout. Apart from right diet and workout he also does regular medical check-ups and he believes this habit is keeping him in top shape.

Well, with the way Varun looks we also think whatever he is doing is working for him.



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