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Diet And Exercise Plan Of Hrithik Roshan: Get A Body Like Hrithik’s In Just 12 Weeks With This Plan.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
February 22, 2018

No kidding, you can actually look like Hrithik Roshan in just 12 weeks, but you have to follow a tough plan. So clean your fridge before you read the plan, you will need to give up almost all your favorite food for 12 weeks now. Ready, here you go,

Hrithik Roshan Diet Plan

Breakfast: Egg whites and sugar free natural yogurt.

After workout snack: Sugar free protein shakes

Lunch: Boiled lean meat (chicken or fish), vegetables, and two brown breads.

Afternoon snacks: Protein shakes and nuts

Dinner:  Same as lunch but less in quantity.

Hrithik also drinks 6 to 8 bottles of plain water daily.

Hrithik Roshan Exercise Plan

Hrithik does aerobics to burn his food calories. Hrithik reserves each day of the week for a specific body part.

Like if Hrithik works on his legs on Mondays, then he will work on his abs on Tuesday, on Wednesday he will take care of his arms.

Hrithik just does not want to be thin, he wants a toned body, and this is why he takes care of each body part.

Hrithik lifts heavy weight every day; he takes proper rests to avoid back pain.

Hrithik Roshan gives all his energy when it comes to his work and fitness, if you want his success then you also need to give it all like him.





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