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Diana Penty Eats The Rainbow To Stay Slim!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
August 29, 2019

Actress Diana Penty includes different colored foods in her diet plan to get the required daily nutrition for her body. Diana does not eat factory made foods. She only trusts nature. Diana is not a lazy person, so doing exercise daily is no big deal for her.

In this article we will take look on Diana’s fitness diary.

Diana Penty Diet Plan

Breakfast: Multigrain bread, eggs and a fruit.

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Lunch: Vegetables and fish.

Dinner: Chicken or fish.

Diana also drinks black coffee and tea to stay energetic all day. She makes her own smoothies with green vegetables and a sweet fruit.

Diana Penty Exercise Plan

As we mentioned before like every active person Diana actually loves her time at the gym. She does cardio at the gym. She lifts weights and does Pilates. But that is not all; she also does Yoga in her room on top of gym exercise. She dances, swims, walks to avoid getting lethargic.


Diana thinks fit body and good skin make a woman look beautiful. Diana eats well and stays hydrated to keep skin problems away.

Fans think Diana is an underrated actress and she should get better roles. But Diana is happy with the way her career is going. She is planning to sign bigger films in 2020.


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