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Christmas Day Inspiration: How Dedication And Determination Gave Actor Prabhas His Baahubali Physique.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas readers.

Actor Prabhas who recently confessed he is a foodie will indulge in Christmas celebration with his family and friends. Prabhas will eat to please his heart today. But there is a time when Prabhas did not eat what he wanted to. He had to give up all his favorite foods to build abs, he needed to have six pack abs to play Baahubali.  How did Prabhas get those abdominal muscles? Well we will tell you his secret right now.


Prabhas Baahubali Diet

Breakfast: Six egg whites and one full egg, spinach and oatmeal.

Lunch: One small homemade brown bread and 300 grams boiled chicken.

Dinner: 200 grams of boiled chicken and some boiled green vegetables.

Snacks: No sugar added protein shakes thrice a day.

Drinks: No alcohol, no dairy, black coffee and tea with twelve glasses of plain water.

Prabhas Baahubali Workout

When Rajamouli Sir told Prabhas that he needs to develop muscles to play Baahubali, the actor felt nervous. Prabhas is dead against taking steroids. He talked to his trainer who assured him that he does not need to take anything unnatural to build muscles. He can do this with right diet and exercise.

Prabhas took almost a year to develop his muscles. He was not any more films so he worked out seven days a week.

He lifted weights, did cardio, participated in special exercises for arms and legs.

Prabhas’s workout session lasted for two hours. His hard work paid off. He became international sensation because of his Baahubali physique.

Prabhas was very thin and we saw thin version of him before Baahubali but with his determination he became the most masculine actor of India.

Our readers who want to get in shape in 2019 can take inspiration from Prabhas.


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