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Amala Paul Wins Life With A Yoga Fit Body And Her Cooking Skill.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
May 23, 2019

A divorce is not the end; Amala Paul is an inspiration for millions of divorcee women. Amala was sad when her marriage collapsed. But she bounced back thanks to her positive mindset. Amala not only decided to work more than ever but she also started doing yoga to get fitter.

Amala made her Bollywood debut after her divorce, not many actresses can dream of doing so. Amala is looking better than ever. She started doing power yoga. Power yoga gave her a toned body and calmed her mind. Amala is doing yoga for a while and she can now do some very advanced poses.

Along with yoga Amala also took up cooking. She loves to make her own meals. Amala does not believe in depriving her body from yummy foods. Instead she prefers to make her own version of yummy meals with healthy ingredients. She eats different fruits and vegetables every day.

On her Instagram account Amala regularly posts about her Yoga routine and foods she cooks. She is a fan of salads, and she loves to present her meal in creative ways.

Healthy and happy, Amala is showing the world she is a power woman and she does not need a man to be happy.


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