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Actress Amber Heard Became Stronger After Training For Her Role In Aquaman.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
December 18, 2018

Women all over the world want to have a body like Aquaman star Amber Heard. Amber is not hiding anything, in her interviews, she is talking about how hard her Aquaman training was. She had to dedicate six months to get her body right. Amber is not complaining, she is grateful for her training. Amber was having a difficult time after divorcing ex-husband Johnny Depp. Training for hours to get the Aquaman body right made her realize she can cope with every difficult situation in life.

Amber Heard Aquaman Diet

Amber is an actress so she is dieting for years now. But her diet for Aquaman body was even harder. Amber was not allowed to eat salt, sugar and even fruits. Egg whites and protein shakes were here staple foods, and she ate those two things all day long. She ate frequently to make sure she does not feel week. Amber also consulted a doctor before she did this special diet for Aquaman.

Amber Heard Aquaman Exercise

Amber worked out twice a day, every day. She worked out for two hours. She ran on Treadmill, and she lifted heavyweights. She also did full body workouts and she had both leg days and arm days. Amber used to feel body pain when she first started this workout routine, but then she got used to it and very soon she realized if she can do this, then she can do anything.
Amber is looking fantastic in Aquaman; we have to agree that all her sacrifices were worth the trouble.

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