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Actor R Madhavan Used His Own Secret Diet To Get Desired Lean Look!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
May 21, 2019

Actor R Madhavan wanted to appear lean to play a cop on-screen. Madhavan is a self-admitted foodie and he never cared about body building when he started his career. But Madhavan is glad he changed his mind set and got healthier. Here is what Madhavan did to lose some weight.

R Madhavan

R Madhavan Diet Plan

Madhavan mentioned he followed his own secret diet and he is happy that his plan gave him desired result. Madhavan ate three meals a day. He waited for at least six hours after each meal and then he ate his meal. He drank plain water and stopped eating after 6 p.m.

Madhavan may not reveal what he ate exactly to lose weight, but his meal timing can also help his fans, who are trying to lose weight. He did moderated version of intermediate fasting, which is good for weight loss and digestion.

Madhavan Exercise Plan

Madhavan loves weight training and he can lift weights like a professional now. He works out with a trainer. He cannot go to gym every day, but he makes sure he stays fit by going jogging every day.

From chocolate boy to tough cop, fitness provided Madhavan the versatility he craved for at the beginning of his career.


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