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2020 Weight Loss Resolution For Men: Karan Singh Grover Shares His Fitness Plan.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
December 24, 2019

Karan Singh Grover and wife Bipasha Bas are fitness freaks and no one can argue that these two have the most enviable bodies among Bollywood personalities. In this article we will talk about Karan’s diet and exercise plan.

Karan Singh Grover Diet Plan

Breakfast: High Fiber Smoothie made with spinach, berries, protein powder and water. A small bowl of seasonal fruit salad.

Lunch: Eggs, oats, chicken. Oats is made with almond milk only.


Dinner: Chicken/Fish, brown rice.

Karan tries to follow his regular diet plan even when he has to stay in hotels.

Karan Singh Grover Exercise Plan

Now when we see Karan we automatically notice his six pack abs. However Karan says he did not start his fitness journey to achieve six pack abs, he wanted to get fit.


Karan loves his time inside gym. He works out seven days a week. Karan has separate days for legs, chest, arms, lower back, abs. He also does cardio and weight training every day along with working on a separate body part.

Karan has some tips for his fans. He tells everyone to stay away from smoking and drinking. Everyone should know his/ her body’s capacity and exercise only until it becomes painful. Not everyone needs to have a masculine body, fitness matters more than a perfect body.


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