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10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Achieved Better Health After Giving Up Meat!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
July 30, 2019

10 Bollywood celebrities managed to cure health issues by taking one simple step. They became vegetarian/vegan. They stopped eating meat. In this article we will take a look at these celebrities and what they eat these days.

Vegetrain Celebrities

  1. Amitabh Bachchan: We all know Big B dealt with various health issues since his 40s. But he is still one of the most active stars over 70. Big B does not eat any meat, he believes vegetables and fruits keep his system clean and give him energy.
  2. Aamir Khan: Aamir Khan loved his meat. But his wife Kiran Rao found a book where she read how meat ruins our body. Kiran became vegetarian and Aamir joined her. Aamir is now a vegan; he does not even drink cow milk.
  3. Kangana Ranaut: Kangana Ranaut was a meat lover. She came from hills, where weather used to stay cold all year long. Mumbai’s hot weather made her hate meat. Kangana became vegetarian.
  4. Anushka Sharma: Anushka Sharma is an animal lover. So becoming vegetarian was an easy choice for her. Her husband Virat Kohli is also vegan like her.
  5. Alia Bhatt: When Alia Bhatt faced skin issues, her doctor suggested her to stop eating meat in summer. Alia did and got amazing result. Alia loved her vegetarian diet so much that she decided to become vegetarian for life.
  6. John Abraham: Yes, John does not eat meat. His six packs are proof that one does not need to eat meat to develop masculine body.
  7. Shahid Kapoor: Shahid Kapoor is a well-known vegetarian and spokesperson for veg lifestyle. Shahid loves animal and he is proud of his lifestyle choice.
  8. Sonakshi Sinha: Sonakshi Sinha was struggling to stay on diet. She decided to eat vegan foods only. It helped. Vegan diet is keeping Sona in shape.
  9. Sonam Kapoor: Sonam was suffering from bloating. Her doctor asked her to stop eating milk. She did and problem was solved. Sonam loved it and decided to stop consuming animal products altogether.
  10. Jacqueline Fernandez:  Jacqueline loves fruits and veggies as they are low in calorie. She loves vegetarian lifestyle as it helps her conquer her allergies.

These above celebrities are healthy and are proofs that consuming meat is not must for human body.


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