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This is When You Should Take a Pregnancy Test

By Rima Chowdhury
In Pregnancy Care
March 16, 2016
This is When You Should Take a Pregnancy Test

This is When You Should Take a Pregnancy Test

Even if you have taken the most effective birth control pills, there are chances of getting an error with the pills. Because the most important thing is it takes just one sperm to fertilize the egg and they can be positive or negative results. So, here is when you should take a pregnancy test.

1. If you missed your period
It is very important to track your periods and only then it is possible to know whether you have missed the period or not. You should take a pregnancy test if it has been more than a month than your last period date. You should also consider the change in texture as well as the color of blood.

2. Cramps
If you experience cramps those are similar to menstrual cramps you should consider taking a test. If you feel like your periods are almost near and you can feel it, but still not getting it you should consider taking one.

3. Breast changes
During pregnancy, the body produces more estrogens due to which breast appears to be tenderer and also your nipple starts hurting you. Also, the veins appear bright from the darker skin due to increase blood circulation in the body.

4. You feel different
You might start feeling different because of the high level of hCG levels in the body. You may experience nausea, food aversions, frequent urination and you may feel exhausted all the time. If you experience any of the change in your body, consider taking a test now.

5. Contraceptive pills failed
There are chances that your contraceptive pills failed because it is not possible to remember the precaution every time. Sometimes you may forget taking contraceptive pills or sometimes your condom can tear while performing on the bed.

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