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Iodine Supplementation in Pregnancy Boosts kids IQ

By Rima Chowdhury
In Health & Fitness
August 14, 2015

Various scientific research and study have concluded saying, any women who keep taking regular supplements of Iodine can help to boost the IQ of the baby and also its health which further leads to low maintenance on health issues of the baby and also it grows with good stamina. A new study says, the mother should start taking the iodine supplements right from the first month of pregnancy, as iodine cannot form on its own in the body. As iodine is not formed by itself, it can be obtained only by eating foods such as oily sea fish, cow’s milk and various other cereals and grains.

Lodine Supplementation in Pregnancy Boosts kids IQ

Lodine Supplementation in Pregnancy Boosts kids IQ

Iodine plays a fundamental role in supporting the body of a pregnant lady during her pregnancy and also strengthens the brain and the nervous system of the child, while in the womb. Iodine deficiency is the major problem which can result in various brain problems of the child and may be declared as a retarded person. Even a mild deficiency in the iodine may lead to lower IQ in the brain of the child. It also leads to delay in development in the body and rest other mental issues are faced since childhood.

There are various Institutions such as the World Health Organization and European Food Safety Authority which encourage the pregnant and breastfeeding women to take supplements daily to ensure their child gets the nutrients it needs. Although, there is high ratio of women with a deficiency in iodine around Asian parts of the country. According to the survey, there are various pregnant women with less iodine intake throughout the UK.

Various reports say, At present, there are no such encouragement and proper guidance to pregnant ladies which would encourage iodine content in them. There should be proper measures taken in spite of knowing the fact that iodine is extremely beneficial in pregnancy and lactation period.

With around 1.9 billion people and 241 million school-age children (aged six-12 years) living in the 32 countries that have the iodine deficiency, the study found that the benefits of universal iodine supplementation during pregnancy could be substantial. 

This will affect the development of society too, as the lower level of iodine can lead to various mental and brain problem which would lead to the lower attainment of education and development of the society is hampered.

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