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Healthy Diet Plan For Pregnant Women

By Rima Chowdhury
In Health & Fitness
April 20, 2015

Gone are the days when your elders used to tell the pregnant women to eat for two people. Pregnancy meant just eating and eating, no need to count the calories, but today doctor is saying that eating for two people can create some complications for women during the pregnancy. Your body will need more nutrition but that does not mean that you need to take a lot of calories, putting on too much weight can create complication during the delivery. So for a safe delivery here are the foods that need to be on your diet every day.

Healthy diet for pregnant women

Healthy diet for pregnant women

Whole grains and brown rice are much better for the pregnant women than white rice. Try eating brown rice at least two cups a day.
Foods that have natural iron, like dark leafy, but make sure that these are organic in case you are taking the vegetables raw.
Good dairy products, cheese, low-fat yogurt, ghee all are good at the time of pregnancy.
Legumes any types, but keep the amount less than one cup.
Organic colorful fruits.
Lean protein, so the muscles stay strong.
Plenty of water.

So make sure that your diet has everything to these food items on the list and stay happy always at this beautiful time of your life.

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