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Does Alcohol Affect Pregnancy?

By Rima Chowdhury
In Health & Fitness
March 11, 2016
Does Alcohol Affect Pregnancy

Does Alcohol Affect Pregnancy

Many people want to know the factors that are responsible towards the failure of pregnancy test and one among them is drinking alcohol or drugs.

Yes, it is been proved by researchers that drinking alcohol does not affect the pregnancy test because the amount of alcohol in the body is not connected with a pregnancy test in anyways.

Does Alcohol Affect Pregnancy

Does Alcohol Affect Pregnancy

Alcohol does not affect the amount of HCG found in the urine if you are already pregnant. Naturally, it takes 7-10 days for a woman to rise the level of HCG in the body. While alcohol does not affect your pregnancy test in any way, it can be one of the most active elements that can affect your pregnancy. If you continue taking this, it can surely affect your unborn baby and may lead to various other diseases in the body.

There is no denying fact that alcohol legally or illegally does not affect your pregnancy test but you should never indulge in drug activities while you are dealing with pregnancy.

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