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An Indian Women Gives Birth To 11 Babies At A Time

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August 14, 2015

An Indian Women gave birth to 11 babies and this sounds to be impossible. There is various news regarding this superwoman who delivered most living children in India, on the special day of 11-11-11. These are the images from named Nadkarni’s 21st Century Hospital & Test Tube Baby Centre in Surat. They were also said to be eleven wonders of the world, but further, the story tells something different.

If you didn’t believe the story, now you don’t need to worry even. The news has been confirmed to be fake which was coming from some channels and people who knew how to create a hoax and story. However, the children whom you are watching in the photo are not from one mother, but these are the children who were born by two different mothers. While clicking the photographs, they were rested next to each other and then the hoax began from.

An Indian Women Gives Birth To 11 Babies At A Time

An Indian Women Gives Birth To 11 Babies At A Time

The social media has always been the victim of spreading such fake and hoax news on their platform, which was of no use. This story seemed to be false in the first instance, but no one believed it. However, we got the confirmation in recent days that the 11 children delivered from one mother were fake. It was said that the lady is Parsi but she is American in real, who gave birth to eight children. For your information, her name is Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman and she is not at all Parsi.

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