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The Worst Diet For Health: Celebrity Inspired Juice Diet.

By Adity Bera
In Health & Fitness
January 9, 2020

Celebrity inspired juice diet is doing the rounds since last decade. A lot of young men and women practice this diet without any medical supervision. They do not understand the health risk associated with juice diet.

Here are some of the reasons why should never do juice cleanse or diet unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Juice Diet

Why juice diet is bad for health

There is no such thing as liver detox. Our liver cleans itself. No liver disease is ever cured by juice diet.

Celebrities have access to the best fruits and vegetables, which are produced without using chemicals. We normal people do not get the healthiest fruits or veggies. Chance is we will consume a lot of bad chemicals with the uncooked juices. These chemicals may cause long time side effects.

For instance in India farmers use pesticide on veggies and Apples have wax quoting. Juicing them like the way shown in some YouTube videos will cause stomach ache.

Our internal organ will not work properly if we go from taking 2000 calories per day to 500 calories in liquid in one day. Also drinking various juices mean consuming more water than human body needs, this will put pressure on kidney.

Even the freshest homemade juices have sugar. This diet is not for the people who suffer from type one or type two diabetics.

One may lose a lot of weight by doing juice diet. But once cleanse is over the dieter will gain the weight back.

Fatigue may cause unwanted fainting.

This is why one must stay away from juice diet unless they are doing it for health reasons.


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