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The Unexpected Side Effect of Your Juice Cleanse

By Rima Chowdhury
In Fitness
June 4, 2015

So whom shall we leave the topic to – us or the doctor? You will have to believe and agree to the fact in spite of daily good oral hygiene there are maximum chances to hit tooth decay or bad breath problems, why so? There are many home remedies to curb bad oral hygiene, but the point here is Juices, among those healthy diets can really affect your teeth and cause many problems

The unexpected side Effect of your Juice cleanse

The unexpected side Effect of your Juice cleanse

Juicing your body, of course, can be the best treatment to make your body fit and healthy. As soon as the word juice crosses our mind, we have a perception it to be the most healthy food and diet for us. Yes, it helps in trimming down your fats, but there are some unexpected side effects of a juice cleanse too. Juice sits exactly somewhere between your gums which are actually hard to get rid off. There are many cases of Cavity which have been reported from the time Juice cleanser have taken up the kitchens. Well, the grass is always green on the other side.

The unexpected side Effect of your Juice cleanse

The unexpected side Effect of your Juice cleanse

So what is the remedy to this? Well, juices are high on sugar and also lead to tooth decay and cavity problem to get rid to this you should never drink up juice slowly, the reason behind this explains us, when the sugar is consumed by bacteria it is converted into acids which can be harmful to your body and tooth enamel as well. Also, follow water after drinking the juice so that nothing is left behind in your mouth or surrounding areas. Be a religious follower of raw fruits and vegetables which will not set into the crannies of tooth structure like the fruit juices.

So were we able to convince you all to grab the whole of fruits and veggies instead of juices which may be bad for your tooth and oral hygiene.

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