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5 Ways to Stop Sugar Craving

By Rima Chowdhury
In Health & Fitness
February 25, 2016
5 Ways to Stop Sugar Craving

5 Ways to Stop Sugar Craving

Are you the one who cannot control yourself eating sugar once you start? The problem is not because you are eating sugar but it is when you start eating too much and cannot just control eating them. Here are few ways that can help you control eating sugar and stop sugar craving.

1. Start with little

You should decide how much you want to eat, no matter what. You should decide the quantity of sugar you want and keep it limited. Enjoying little is always good than eating more and suffering.

2. Take some gum

It is often proved that if you are not able to control sugar while eating, you should chew some gum and keep it in the mouth for some time. Chewing gum can help to lower your desire to eat more sugar and also avoid overeating. But you should take care that you should never get addicted to chewing gum. Anything and everything in limit is always good for you as well as for the body.

3. Eat fruit

If you are craving right now for sugar, you should go back to the kitchen and get some fruits. Eating fruits can help your body to get some fiber and some extra nutrients. You can always get a list of fruits that is healthy as well as good for your body.

4. Choose quality

You should always choose quality over quantity. If you are craving for sugar, you should pick up food that is decent in sugar quantity and not coated with sugary substance. You should concentrate on sugary quality rather than going for quantity. Many substances are coated with artificial sugar which is, of course, harmful to your health and body.

5. Eat regularly

Eating small quantity of sugar regularly can help to avoid cravings of sugar. It also helps to control fatty foods in the body. Also, eating every 5-6 hours can help to keep the sugar label stable in the body.

5 Ways to Stop Sugar Craving

5 Ways to Stop Sugar Craving

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