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5 High Fiber Foods That Needs To Part Of Every Weight Loss Diet.

By Adity Bera
In Healthy Habit
November 2, 2017

Don’t forget the importance of high fiber foods while on a weight loss diet. You need to make sure unhealthy bacteria do not stay inside your stomach; fiber from food will keep constipation away. So if you are dieting to lose weight then you need to eat at least three of the following five foods every day.


Green vegetables

Green pea, Spinach, Capsicum or any other green vegetables contain a good amount of fiber. Boiled vegetables are low in calories but will keep you full for a long time.


Oatmeal is a good substitute of rice. Oat is great for people suffering from constipation, high blood pressure or diabetes. One bowl of boiled oatmeal (without sugar or milk) has only 150 calories.

Boiled Potato

You can eat potato even when you are dieting, but you have to eat only one medium size potato that too without oil or butter. Dieticians suggest boiled potato due to its high fiber content.


Boiled lentil is delicious, and the best medicine for constipation. Most women suffer from low energy when they eat less; couple of spoons of boiled lentil can cure this problem.

Papaya fruit

Who does not love a bowl of sweet papaya fruit?  It is tasty and easy to digest. Start your day with a bowl of papaya and see the immediate change in your body.

However, too much fiber is bad, so please only eat a small amount of high fiber foods.





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