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10 Benefits Of Eating Mangoes In Summer

By Rima Chowdhury
In Health & Fitness
May 10, 2017

10  Benefits Of Eating Mangoes In Summer

Summer has arrived and the only good thing about this season is Mangoes. Yes, mangoes being the most delicious fruit it is rarely hated by anyone. Summer is all about mangoes and mango juice which helps to quench the thirst. Indian is the highest cultivator of Mango followed by China, Indonesia, and Thailand. Mango is not only good in its taste, but it is packed with vitamins and nutrients that can benefit you in many ways. Other than this mango is also enriched with phytochemicals, polyphenols, vitamins, carotenoids, antioxidants, omega-3 and 6, etc. Here are some benefits of eating mangoes in summer.

10 Benefits Of Eating Mangoes In Summer

10 Benefits Of Eating Mangoes In Summer

  1. Helps to control blood pressure

It is often said that mangoes have proved itself in controlling blood pressure in a person. Due to low glycemic index in mangoes, it helps to control the level of sugar in the body and also helps to maintain stability with the level of fats. Due to a high amount of potassium present in mangoes, it helps regulate the blood pressure as well as maintains the level in the body.

Helps to control blood pressure

Helps to control blood pressure

Good for heart disease

2. Good for heart disease

According to various studies and research it has already been proved that mangoes help to promote good heart condition.  Mangoes are packed with Beta-carotene, Vitamin E, Potassium, and Selenium that helps to keep your health healthy and working and also promote proper functioning of nerves and muscles in the body.


  1. Cancer prevention

A Recent study says that mangoes can be used for cancer prevention and this is one of the best benefits of eating mangoes. Due to a large amount of polyphenols present in mangoes, it helps to prevent all types of cancer in a person. Polyphenols present in mangoes are actually natural enzymes found in the body that help to fight against free radicals in the human body which further forms to lead cancer in a person.


Cancer prevention

Cancer prevention

  1. Helpful for pregnant woman

Mangoes are extremely beneficial for the pregnant woman because it has a large amount of iron in it which helps to promote a healthy body. Due to iron present in mangoes, it helps to maintain the HB level and also promotes proper oxygen flow. Also during menstruation, eating mangoes help to relax muscles and prevent abortion due to iron and calcium present in it.


Helpful for pregnant woman

Helpful for pregnant woman


  1. Aids digestion

Eating mangoes aids in digestion and various studies have also proved that mangoes can treat constipation in a person.  Due to a high level of fibers and enzymes in mangoes, it helps to aid digestion in a person. Mangoes also provide healthy bacteria in the body that helps to treat gastrointestinal problem easily. Mangoes are rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers that regulate bowel movement.

Aids digestion

Aids digestion


  1. Boost immune system

Eating mangoes helps to boost the immune system in a person. Due to vitamin A present in mangoes, it helps to boost the energy in a person and also helps to promote the production of the pathogen in a person.  Eating mangoes regularly helps to produce pathogens in the body that helps to fight against harmful bacteria in the body.


  1. Healthy skin

Eating mangoes helps to give you healthy looking and glowing skin. Due to Vitamin A present in the mango, it helps to fight against pimples and acnes over the skin. Due to collagen production on the skin, it helps to promote healthy skin. Apart from glowing and fresh skin, it also helps to promote elasticity and suppleness.


  1. Helps to improve eyesight

Researchers have proved that mangoes can help to improve the eyesight in a person and one cup of mangoes can provide 25 percent of Vitamin A to your body. Eating mangoes every day can help to improve eyesight and it has also been proved beneficial in treating eye blindness and dry eyes problem in a person. However, you may notice the change after 3-4 months of regular mango consumption.


  1. Shrinks the size of pores

Along with healthy and glowing skin, mangoes also help to decrease the fine lines and wrinkles over face and also help to shrink the size of the pores. Mangoes are good for your skin internally and externally and also help to clean up clogged pores and eliminate pimples.  All you need to do is smash some mangoes and apply on your face directly.    


Things to remember before buying mangoes

  • Mangoes are ripened by some dealers using calcium carbide, which can cause serious health problems (one more reason to buy organic). If you do have inorganic mangoes, wash them properly before consuming or soak overnight in water.
  • If you have a latex allergy, there are the possibility of reactions to take place in your body. and this can be especially when you are eating green mangoes.
  • Mango peel can cause allergy in a person so always wash your mango properly and avoid mango along with the mango peels.
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