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5 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

By Adity Bera
In Fitness
April 15, 2021

Wrinkles are common and it is quite challenging to reverse the appearance of wrinkles once you have them. But there are some ways that can help you to slow down their appearance. You need to follow these five factors to get back your healthy and glowing skin.


  1. Protect Yourself From The Sun – You already know that the sun damages the skin. In order to protect your skin from the UV rays of sun, you need to apply SPF of between 30 and 50 every day, even if it’s overcast. You can also wear a hat, light-colored clothes that’ll reflect the sun, and sunglasses with UV protection.
  1. Use Retinoid – Retinoids are derived from vitamin A and they contain anti-aging ingredients. They can increase collagen production, which helps plumps up the skin.

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  1. Use Moisturizer – Moisturizer will help you to nourish and hydrate your skin. Studies show that using a moisturizer that has vitamin C and hyaluronic acid effectively prevents wrinkles from forming or getting deeper.
  1. Drink Lots of Water – Drinking water is healthy for the body as it helps to get toxins out of your body, aiding with digestion and regulating your body temperature. Besides this, water also helps keep your skin healthy and hydrated from the inside.
  1. Eat Healthy Food – Foods with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties may improve the skin’s elasticity and protect against skin damage and premature aging. Some examples of these kinds of foods are – green tea, olive oil, avocados, vegetables, salmon, flax seeds and more.
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