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What are the Symptoms of Ebola Virus Attack?

By Rima Chowdhury
In Disease
January 11, 2015

Ebola virus is definitely something that should not be taken lightly, and there are some major symptoms which can easily discern a normal virus attack and Ebola virus infection.

What are the Symptoms of Ebola Virus Attack?

What are the Symptoms of Ebola Virus Attack?

Some of the common symptoms are as follows:
You might have sudden fever, with massive ache all over your body. Your temperature will shoot up suddenly, and you might suffer from a severe headache.
You can get severe diarrhea, and your stomach can hurt severely.
You can suffer from appetite loss.
You might develop a case of hiccups.
Your body might break out in rashes.
You might have a bad cough, and face some problems while swallowing, because you will find it painful as your throat might be sore.
You can also suffer from severe breathing problem
You might also experience severe congestion and pains in your chest.
You might face a lot of weakness and fatigue, with the fever that can abruptly shoot up for no reason.
In case you are suffering from one or more of these symptoms, it will be a good idea to consult a doctor and figure out what is wrong with you. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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