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Mental Health: How To Avoid Panic Attacks During Coronavirus Spread?

By Adity Bera
In Disease
March 10, 2020

Mental health is no less important than physical health. Coronavirus spread is keeping people awake. India also joined the unfortunate list of countries where corona spreading at an alarming rate. Times are tough and adults are feeling isolated. The feeling of everything is coming to an end is clouding the mind. Anxiety attacks are normal so we need to learn to cope with it. Here are some easy ways to feel better during panic attacks.

Mental health

How to feel better during tough time

Listening to music we love can make us feel normal. If loud music makes you feel better then do so for a while. Listening to loud noises once in a while will not harm you. Just make sure you are using a good earphone. Dance music is great mood booster.

Make tasty meals. Eating outside is not recommended during this time. Try making pizza, pasta at home and then share it with your spouse/parents/sibling.

Arrange dance parties with friends on weekend. Avoid going to bars, night clubs. Arrange night time fun inside the safety of your house.

Eat fruits, vegetables, stay away from red meat, sugar added foods, alcohol and soda drinks. Eat nuts, coconut water as snacks.

Talk to your pals via social media, keep in touch.

Always communicate to someone if you are feeling overwhelmed with current affairs. If possible watch only movies or fictional shows on TV and avoid watching news for now.

People who stay alone should start doing Yoga or any form of exercise to feel stronger. Feed stray cats and dogs to get rid of lonely feeling.

Bad times will come to an end. So be strong and stay away from stress.


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