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How is Melanoma cancer treated?

By Rima Chowdhury
In Disease
March 27, 2015

Melanoma or skin cancer is the common cancers in women who live in locations where Sun shines throughout the year. You may feel very stylish showing your natural tans, but Sun ray is the number one cause for Melanoma. The good news is that the cancer is curable if found in early stages. So here is how to treat the disease.

How is Melanoma cancer treated?

How is Melanoma cancer treated?

If you see a rash or skin problem that look unusual to you and no matter what lotion you use is not drying up and only getting worse, then go to the doctor immediately to know what is this. Remember early detection is the only way to treat this awful disease.
The doctor will decide how to treat the Melanoma depending on the stage. If your disease is caught at a really early stage then surgery will be enough to get all the cancer cells, but if it is spread then you need to do radiotherapy and in some cases even chemotherapy. Most patients get completely cured and live a long life after that.
So if you are worried about something unusual on your skin then do not wait to go to the doctors it will save your life.

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