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Effective Bug Sprays That Would Help to Protect Your Family From Zika Virus

By Rima Chowdhury
In Disease
May 10, 2017

There are many official and experts who are warning everyone to be safe from Zika Virus. Zika Virus has been affecting thousands and lakhs of people and hence it is very important to stay safe as well as protect your family to be safe.

Here we provide you with the Effective Bug Sprays that would help to protect your family from Zika Virus.

Effective Bug Sprays that would help to protect your family from Zika Virus

Effective Bug Sprays that would help to protect your family from Zika Virus

  •    Repel Lemon Eucalyptus
  •    Sawyer Picaridin
  •    Ben’s 30% Deet Tick & Insect Wilderness Formula


All the three bug spray contains a high amount of DEET, picaridin, and a derivative of eucalyptus that helps to work as an insect repellent. These three basic ingredients have been used since ages to be safe against harmful virus and insects. According to various studies and reports, it has also been proved that these ingredients in the bug spray are safe for pregnant woman and hence they don’t need to worry about it.

But one thing to remember is, picaridin and eucalyptus oil should not be used if you have children who are under three years old. If you are worried about protecting your small babies, you should use a mosquito net instead.


Things to remember

  •    It is extremely important to apply these spray every day to protect yourself from Zika Virus.
  •    Using a small amount of spray might not give you enough protection against the insects.
  •    You should avoid using spray on cuts or wounds on the skin.
  •    If you have been using sunscreen, apply the spray after you have applied sunscreen on your skin.
  •    You should never spray directly on your face instead apply it with precautions and spray it on the exposed parts.


These were few important things to remember while using the spray. So guys, rush down to grab these sprays to protect yourself from Zika Virus.  

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