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Coronavirus: Everything You Need To Know About The Deadly Flue!

By Adity Bera
In Disease
March 3, 2020

Boris Johnson to Donald Trump, you, me, the guy who lives in Florida, everyone is scared about Coronavirus. The deadly virus killed thousands of people in China, and Korea. From China the virus reached Italy, USA, India and UK. WHO wants us to stay cautious while traveling, so what can we do now? Read on.


What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus causes flue like symptoms, cough, fever and cold. It is deadlier than your normal flue.

How to stay safe?

Always keep your hands clean. Wash your hands after coming home.

If someone has flue like symptoms then don’t hug the person or shake hands.

Stay in home if you have flue like symptoms.

Wear a mask if you have to attend a gathering.

Unless you cannot avoid at any cost do not travel to coronavirus affected localities. Delay your vacation plans until everything goes back to normal.

If you are a resident of coronavirus affected locality then work from home if possible.

Eat healthy diet, eat well cooked meat.

Stay happy and do not think about too much. Worrying will not prevent anything.

So this is it. Please do not panic. Stay calm and stress free. Everything will be alright soon.


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