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Diet And Exercise Chart For Men, Women Who Suffered A Heart Attack.

By Adity Bera
In Health & Fitness
February 11, 2020

Heart attack! Two words which can scare even the strongest. But what happens when you heart starts to act irregularly all of a sudden? Quick medical attention will prolong your life but you will need to make some changes. Right medication, good diet and regular movement will save you from farther complication.

Here is a sample diet plan for heart attack patients who are on recovery phase.

Heart healthy diet

Diet Plan For Heart Attack Patients

Breakfast: Organic oats with skim milk (do not add milk if it makes you feel bloated). Add some overnight soaked almonds (4 to 6) for taste. Oatmeal provides good fiber to your system. Constipation is bad for heart patients.

If you do not like oatmeal then make blend the dry roasted oats and it will turn into oat flour. Make roti with oat flour. Eat it with half a banana or mixed boiled vegetables.

Lunch: Boiled vegetables and one medium fish (cooked with one tablespoon oil recommended by your doctor)

Snacks: Small banana or any fruits of your choice. (Try eating local seasonal fruits and make sure fruits not too cold).

Dinner: Vegetable soup or chicken soup with 100 grams of chicken.

Drink at least 10 cups of water daily.

Eat your dinner by 7 pm.

Stay away from alcohol, junk foods, soda, cola drinks, ice-cream, sugar added yogurt, cornflakes for rest of your life. You have to keep your sugar at normal range. Check your blood pressure every week. Take the medicine as doctors suggested and never miss recommended health checkups.

Try walking twice a day for twenty minutes. Stay away from stress. You will be able to live a normal life.


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