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Diabetes Diet Plan To Beat The Lethargy.

By Adity Bera
In Health & Fitness
January 14, 2020

Imagine being a teenager and hearing the words “you have type 2 diabetes” from family’s physician. This diagnosis can be devastating especially for an active person. Diabetes not only brings medication, meal restriction but it can also take away all your energy.

Diebetic diet

Dietitians were trying hard to find a diet which will restore energy in diabetes patients.  In this article we will tell you about this diet. Anyone with diabetes can follow this diet without hesitation.  Foods mentioned here are all natural.

Diabetics diet plan

Breakfast: Four egg whites and one full egg. One boiled bitter melon.

Snack: Five almonds and cup of low fat milk.

Lunch: Half cup brown rice with grilled fish and Broccoli.

Snack: Cucumber.

Dinner: Chicken soup and one small whole grain bread.

Diabetes patients should stay away from alcohol.

Diabetics Exercise

Exercise is must for every adult, it is even more important for an adult suffering from diabetes. Exercise keeps the blood flow going.

Thirty minutes of long walks and light weight training are best exercises for diabetes patients.

Diet, exercise and following doctor’s suggestion are the best ways to keep blood sugar level in check. Diabetes does not mean isolation; you can live a healthy social life even as a diabetes patient.


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