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Can Diet Affect your Mental Health

By Rima Chowdhury
In Fitness
September 8, 2015

Studies have observed various relations between diet and mental health. Researchers and various health associations have also understood the relation between mental health and diet which clearly means what we eat affects the mental health. You might have observed, the day you have been served a delicious fried crispy potatoes, you feel happy and anxiety all the day long, which shows just a plate of food can affect your day’s behavior.



Researchers say, a person with low and unhealthy diet tends to have poor mental health due to the lack of diet he is obtaining. Also, a person who tends to include a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks tends to have a healthy mental health compared to other who hooks on to snacks and high calories food. Need not say, studies have also proved the nutrients we obtain from food tend to affect the mental status of the person. For example, a dish with high omega 3 fatty acids would surely benefit a person as the brain and central nervous system is 60% made out of omega fatty acids. It helps to reduce inflammation in the body and brain as well. Same goes with carbohydrates, our body needs sugar which can be obtained through carbohydrates. Large carbohydrates are broken down to sugar, which helps the brain to grow and develop rapidly.



It is best to know, you can only feel food if you had food filling stomach which is full of vitamins, proteins and lots of fibers in it. It supports your physical health as well as strengthens mental health.

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Rima Chowdhury

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