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7 Short Exercises You Can Do During Lunch

By Rima Chowdhury
In Fitness
March 1, 2016
7 Short Exercises You Can Do During Lunch

7 Short Exercises You Can Do During Lunch

You always don’t need to be so serious about your exercise because you can do small exercise even during your lunch. Here are some short exercises you can do during your lunch.

1.Workday arm challenge

You can perform dips and triceps to buildup strong and healthy muscles. This exercise is possible if you have access to your arm chair or bench in office.

2. Morning workout

Performing exercise in morning is very important to kick start a healthy as well as glowing day. You don’t need equipment’s to do exercise all you need to do is five minute of blood pumping moves that can help you to tackle with different body problems.

3. 7 day squat challenge

This is a very easy challenge and hence you should target completing atleast 100 to 500 squats in a week depending upon your previous record and challenge. Take a short break between squats and then start doing it again.

4. Pushups

Pushups are the most essential form of exercise that helps to you is fit and healthy.  Pushups are actually basic moves that help to target your entire body. Doing pushups can help to target your shoulder, abs and arms. You don’t need any equipment’s to do pushups and hence it is one of the most idol exercise.

5. Workout

You can simply walk, run, hop or cycle around your office campus in between the breaks. You will need to do this every day for nearly about 15-20 minutes. You can do it in your office or go down and take a round of your office campus.

6. Total body workout

You should also focus on low impact total body workout because these exercise focus on improving your knee or lower body problems.

7. Hand and wrist workout

You should perform hand and wrist exercise because your hands are usually tired after a daylong of typing or continuously performing work. Start performing them right now.

7 Short Exercises You Can Do During Lunch

7 Short Exercises You Can Do During Lunch

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