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Trendy Health Food through the Ages : Food

By Rima Chowdhury
In Food
December 4, 2014
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Trendy Health Food

Trendy Health Food

Dieting has changed its opinion from time to time about the kind of stuff which is good for you. There are so many incidents of dieting through the ages, and you would laugh out loud at some of the more insane diet methods. For example, the vinegar diet. Do you know who was the person popularizing it? Well, it was Lord Byron, the poet, who would fight against his life as a dissipate creature by drinking loads of vinegar and water.

The grapefruit diet is another famous one which became popular in the 1920s when jazz flappers needed to be extra slim and trim. This diet constituted of eating loads of grapefruits.

You must have heard of the cabbage soup diet – well, this became popular in the 1950s when housewives and office goers alike gave in to the slimming fad. But the weirdest was the Master Cleanse in the 1970s which involved drinking nothing but lemonade with cayenne pepper added to it for 5-7 days. The 1970s was also the times which saw all sort of weird food cropping up, like wheatgerm and granola.

Needless to say, dieting has come a long way. But, it is hilarious to see some of these weird things filtering into today’s dieting scene.


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