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Vishu 2016: Hindu New Year Celebration in Kerala

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April 13, 2016

Though Vishu is the main festival of Kerala, now since Keralites have spread across globe, celebrations can be seen in most parts. It is the general belief amongst people here that the more colors added to the celebrations, the merrier the coming times will be.

Vishu 2016: Hindu New Year Celebration in Kerala

Vishu 2016: Hindu New Year Celebration in Kerala

The ritual involves a mirror and in front of the same, a collection of colorful fruits, vegetables and different pulses and seeds are kept to mark the beginning of another good harvest. At the same time, people thank the lord for what he has given us and pray to him for his blessings with which the year to come will also be as colorful and full of bliss. It is customary for people to exchange gifts as a part of the celebration. This usually is seen more commonly with the elders in the family who as a token of love give Kai Neettam to the younger members. This usually is done to extend blessings to the youngsters for their successful journey into the future. The children enjoy receiving the gifts this time of the year.

People across Kerala celebrate this day with family. The special feast for the day is named Sadhya which consists of various fruits and vegetables. Each Hindi family, worships Lord Krishna and starts off with the day. Some other wonder dishes for the day are Vishu Kanji, Vishu Katta and Thoran. These are predominant sweet dishes made out of rice powder and coconut milk. Vishu also includes a bitter dish Veppampoorasam made out of Neem. Then there is the popular sour preparation Mampazhappulissery which essentially is a sour mango soup.

The day ends with Vishu Padakkam when the family joins in to rejoice and welcome the new year bursting away crackers.

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