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Mrs Jyothi Reddy : CEO of Key Software Solutions Inc – A Woman of True Substance | Entrepreneur Success Stories

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September 22, 2015

Mrs Jyothi Reddy’s story is a typical example of how perseverance and a never-say-die attitude can enable an individual to reach the pinnacles of success. Mrs Jyothi Reddy’s early days were full of hardships and loneliness but it was her grit and determination to succeed that ensured her rise to the top and today she is the head of one of the software companies in the US. Her struggle to the top can become the plot of a hit Bollywood movie and is recounted in brief below.

Mrs Jyothi Reddy : CEO of Key Software Solutions Inc

Mrs Jyothi Reddy : CEO of Key Software Solutions Inc

Early Days

Jyothi was born in 1970 into a large family of five siblings. She passed her childhood days in a welfare orphanage which blocked all ties with her family. She became a lonely child but refused to bow down to the circumstances. She completed her matriculation with a first class but abject poverty prevented her from studying further and forced her to work as a farm labourer on a daily wage of Rs 5. She was then compelled to get married at an early age of 16 and bore two children in the next couple of years. Determined to give her children a better life, Jyothi tried her hand at several jobs and became an adult education teacher for a salary of Rs 120 per month. She shifted to a better job, learnt typing, did a craft course and continued her studies at an open school. Her never tiring efforts paid her dividends and she finally got a regular job as a Mandal Girl Child Development Officer.

Spreading her Wings

In the meanwhile, being impressed with the lifestyle of a cousin who had come down from US to Warangal, she thought of emulating her for bettering her life. Equipped with software learning from VCL Computers in Hyderabad, she obtained her passport and H1 visa, kept her daughters in a missionary hostel and took the jump to a foreign country.

No Easy Task

Life became a struggle for survival as she landed on the US soil. But, Jyothi was not a woman to be disheartened. She earned her keep in the US by working as a salesperson in a shop, babysitting and at gas stations. She found accommodation with a Gujarati family as a paying guest. She got a job as a recruiter in an American company with the help of a close relative and moved on to a different company. However, that did not last long and she had to revert to her earlier jobs as a babysitter and working at the gas station. She persevered and all the while held on to her dreams of starting her own business.

Mrs Jyothi Reddy : CEO of Key Software Solutions Inc

Mrs Jyothi Reddy : CEO of Key Software Solutions Inc

Foray into the Business World

Jyothi wanted to become an entrepreneur but could not understand the right line of business to start. She got a brainwave in this regard when she went to Mexico to get her stamping done. She decided to start a consulting company as she had sufficient knowledge about the paperwork involved with Visa Processing. She opened an office in Phoenix in 2011 with the help of her savings which amounted to $40000. That started her journey into the business world. She founded Key Software Solutions which she is successfully running since then.

Giving Back to Society

Her continued struggles with life which ensured her a thumping success at the end made her realize that there must be innumerable such people in need back home waiting to get a helping hand. She never fails to visit orphanages and old age homes to extend that helping hand to them. It is her dream to ensure that every orphan gets an equal opportunity to establish his or her identity. In pursuit of her dream she has been continuously networking with various policy makers, government officials, NGOs and politicians. She is also associated with several charitable projects.

Advice to Women

She feels that all women need to be financially independent and use their education for the betterment of them and their family. Being independent of fathers, husbands and sons is the best achievement for any women and all should work towards this goal as she feels that you alone are the master of your fate.

Mrs Jyothi Reddy : CEO of Key Software Solutions Inc

Mrs Jyothi Reddy : CEO of Key Software Solutions Inc

On a concluding note, t can be said that Mrs Jyothi Reddy is a woman to be truly admired; a woman who through her sheer dint of hard work, perseverance, confidence in self and a never-say-die attitude proved that circumstances cannot be an excuse to reach the top heights of success.  


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