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Friendship Day 2015 : 10 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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July 31, 2015

Man is a social animal and a friend’s place in his life is highly valuable. In order to express the esteemed and sacred place held by a friend in an individual’s life, friendship day is celebrated all over the world. Some facts about friendship day can be enumerated as follows:

Friendship Day 2015

Friendship Day 2015

  1. Origin of friendship day can be traced to the proclamation made by US Congress in 1935 for celebrating first Sunday of August every year as ‘Friendship Day’. This year the day falls on the 2nd August.
  2. Most of the countries including India have accepted the declared day as Friendship Day and today the day is celebrated with great gaiety and warmth all over.
  3. The lovable cartoon figure, ‘Winnie-the Pooh’ was named as the global Ambassador of Friendship by the United Nations in 1997.
  4. The role of friends in today’s times has become invaluable considering the increased nuclear nature of families all over the world. Friends have become major pillars of strength and can be closer than family and even one’s spouse. This deep relationship has to be nurtured and cherished and not let it be taken for granted. Hence, a specific day was allotted to commemorate friendships and have a celebration of sorts on the day.
  5. Every year, friends exchange greeting cards or tie friendship bands on each other’s wrists to solemnize their friendship. With the advent of modern devices, some very touching and funny friendship day messages can also be exchanged between friends who are far from one another.
  6. Friendship day messages can be shared between siblings too, as most often they become the best of friends among all. One can choose among the wide variety of messages depending upon the relationship that exists between the two individuals.
  7. Many well known global personalities have expressed in quotes what a friend means to them and they have become famous as ‘Top Friendship Day Quotes.’
  8. The importance of friendship has been emphasized in many sacred books like the Bible and epics like Mahabharata have depicted what a friend means through the personality of Lord Krishna. The Bible has stressed that friendship is a bond that lays the basis of human trust, faith and companionship.
  9. There are several friendship day celebration ideas which can be adopted to commemorate this day with your old and new buddies. Holding a party and having a blast with your friends is one of the most common ways of celebrating the day. Some of the not so common ways can be indulging in an outdoor sports activity most enjoyed by your friends group or it could be a quiet evening spent in the company of friends exchanging views and thoughts or recollecting sweet yesteryear memories.
  10. However, there are a few who celebrate this occasion at different times of the year associating it with different names like:
    First Sunday in August is celebrated as National Friendship Day
    Third Sunday in August is celebrated as Women’s Friendship Day
    The month of February is regarded as International Friendship Month
    The third week of May is treated as Old Friends, New Friends Week
    Whatever said and done, the fact remains that friendship day is a day which is valued by one and all in all countries of the world.
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