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Why Aditya Chopra And Rani Mukerjee Stayed Away From Karan Johar Biography “An Unsuitable Boy “Launch Party?

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
January 18, 2017

During the launch of Karan Johar biography “An Unsuitable Boy” writer Shobhaa De asked Karan about Kajol, Karan replied, “Chapters end, books end, relationships end.”Okay, we know what chapter Karan was talking about, but do we?

Karan Johar

Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra are friends since they were little kids. Aditya does not attend parties, but his dear wife Rani Mukerjee does, Rani is also one of Karan’s dearest friends. So, why both Rani and Adi stayed away from “An Unsuitable Boy” Launch event? Are they not friends anymore?

Karan Johar openly talked about his relationship problems with Bollywood celebrities. He admitted he did not talk to Kareena Kapoor for a year; he also did not speak to his best Shah Rukh Khan after that infamous Priyanka incident.

A recent report suggested like Kajol, Rani Mukerjee will also never appear in a Dharma production film, we do not know if that rumor is true or false.



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