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Salman Khan To Cut His Fee After Tubelight Debacle?

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity News
June 30, 2017

 Salman Khan is under pressure after Tubelight’s disastrous performance at the box office. Report says distributors are not happy; they purchased Tubelight for a huge amount. It is clear all these distributors are going to lose money. They are not happy.

Salman Khan


Salman may do something for these producers. But to be honest, as a star he cannot really do much at this point. It was a bad decision on Kabir Khan’s part to make a movie on this topic. Salman fans were not expecting to watch a depressing movie at the time of Happy Eid.

Things are going to be little different from Salman now. It is possible he may have to cut his signing fee. Unofficial reports say Salman asked for INR 60 crore for one of his latest films. He may not get to ask for a fee like that from now one.

It is Bollywood. One is as good as their last film.


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