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Rock On 2 Failure Shraddha Kapoor Family Starts The Blame Game

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
December 2, 2016

Bollywood loves a hit movie. But flop movies have no takers. Shraddha Kapoor starrer Rock On 2 was a disaster at the box office. Now, Shraddha’s family is blaming the producers for releasing the movie at a wrong time.

Shraddha Kapoor

Two weeks ago, Arjun Rampal also said currency problem was the reason behind Rock On 2 failure at the box office. According to a source close to Shraddha Kapoor, the actress asked producers to release the film at a better time. But ‘Rock On 2’ producers were sure the movie will do well no matter what.

Shraddha Kapoor performed brilliantly in Rock On 2. She was born to play a character like that. Farhan Akhtar was also good in the film. So, for obvious reasons these actors are feeling bad now. They worked very hard for the film but sadly audiences did not come to watch the film in theaters.


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