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Prabhas Wants Anushka for Saaho

By Abhi Ram
In Celebrity
May 19, 2017

Rebel star Prabhas who is in his vacations in the USA is in talks with the makers of Saaho to know the updates. According to the inner circles of Saaho, Prabhas has given a suggestion about the female lead.

Prabhas wants Anushka for Saaho

Prabhas wants Anushka for Saaho

Going into the details, Prabhas who likes Anushka as his colleague has recommended his friends UV creations for Mirchi as he finds comfort acting with her. The same pair has mesmerized all with their romance in the film Baahubali one and two and became the most loved onscreen couple. Prabhas said that he wants Anushka as the lead actress in the stylish thriller Saaho. As the movie is an action movie, the female lead needed to be more dynamic and young but Anushka is out of shape. Moreover, the audiences get bored of this couple as Monotony comes into the picture. So the director Sujeeth is a bit reluctant with Prabhas’s suggestions.

The producers UV Creations too thinking in the lines of Sujeeth and they are making Prabhas change his decision as the movie needs a young Bollywood heroine for a better market.

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