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Must Read: Richa Chadha Quote On Bollywood Gender Equality

By Team
In Celebrity News
December 19, 2016

Richa Chadda is a different kind of Bollywood actress. She is smart, intelligent and practical. Unlike other new female stars Richa has no problem with her paycheck. She is happy with the remuneration she is getting for Bollywood movies.

Richa Chadha
Richa Chadda thinks gender does not decide paycheck, but box office success does, she told IANS, “Bollywood pays according to their box office. They don’t pay according to your experience or talent; they pay on box office success. I remember after ‘Kahaani’, Vidya signed a film with Emraan called ‘Ghanchkkar’ and she made a big deal that she had to be paid at par with her male co star. I think Bollywood respects box office and that’s the reality.”
You are right Richa Chadda, male stars are more bankable than female stars, and this is why Bollywood producers pay them more than female stars. Apart from Kangana Ranaut, and Vidya Balan, no other Bollywood female star gave box office successful movies without a big hero.

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