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Kangana Ranaut Thanks Director Vishal Bhardwaj For Using Her Natural Beauty In Rangoon

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
February 4, 2017

Kangana Ranaut thinks in Rangoon she is looking like herself, she means for a change she gets to keep her original hairstyle. Kangana thanks her Rangoon director Vishal Bhardwaj for keeping her look authentic. Miss Ranaut is winning accolades for Rangoon, even though the film is not released yet.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut, Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor, all three actors are playing very important roles in Rangoon. Kangana filmed a topless scene with Shahid Kapoor. Not many Bollywood actresses have done a bold scene like this. But Kangana has no problem with the scene.

Apart from Rangoon, Kangana Ranaut is also making news for saying she will never go to Hollywood like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. Kangana’s latest interview also revealed how she felt when every Bollywood man she dated asked her to keep their affair a secret.

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