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5 Controversies Of “Me Too” Movement Mocker Preity Zinta That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!!!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity News
November 21, 2018

Actress Preity Zinta left fans and critics shocked with her comment regarding “Me Too” movement. Some women journalist felt like Preity is mocking the movement, they are shocked as Preity previously talked about women empowerment.

However this is not the first time when Preity did something shocking. Here are five more shocking controversies related to bubbly girl Preity.

Preity Zinta

  1. Preity accused former boyfriend Ness Wadia for molesting her during a cricket match. Though onlookers said Preity and Ness were fighting and both were using bad languages, it was a fight and not molestation. Years later court gave Ness a clean cheat due to lack of evidence for Preity’s claim.
  2. Rumor was Preity went to rehab in US to cure her drug addiction.
  3. An angry Preity called a fellow Bollywood actor for saying she had a bad plastic surgery during a chat show.
  4. Preity made a film as producer, and rumors were she went bankrupt after film failed to get any distributors.
  5. Preity’s statement in court regarding under world calls left some superstars embarrassed. Bollywood almost blacklisted her after the incident.

Fans however still love Preity, she is brave and she speaks her mind, she may not be right all the time, but she never shied away from speaking her mind.








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