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Exclusive: Katrina Kaif Vicky Kaushal Relationship Status!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Gossips
March 25, 2019

Katrina Kaif stayed single after her scandalous breakup from Ranbir Kapoor. Gossip creators linked her with ex Salman Khan again, even though everyone is aware that Salman is in a committed relationship. Last month Katrina fans were overjoyed to hear she finally has a new man in her life, and the man is none other than very handsome and supremely talented Vicky Kaushal.

Katrina Kaif

So is Katrina really dating Vicky? No, she is not. But she likes Vicky, he flirts with her whenever he sees her and he told his pals that Katrina is his dream woman. So what is the problem?

Vicky has a girlfriend, and Katrina does not wish homewrecker tag on her. Producers are finally offering her meaty roles after Zero. She does not want to do ruin her reputation for a man.

So, here you go, here is the truth and now you know it.


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Adity Bera

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