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Pregnancy Care

Conceiving After 35
Motherhood is indeed the most rewarding thing in a woman’s life. Nothing can equal the happiness and joy that a mother feels when she has her baby. But when it comes to conceiving one, sometimes, nowadays, the task feels an uphill one. Although conception and problems related with it had been existent in the past […]...
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Sex and pregnancy
Newly married couples are notorious for refraining from sex even after the wife gets pregnant for the first time. Although for the brand new mom to be, it could just be normal but the growing cases of miscarriage have indicated a lot of concern in the matter. As most physicians point out, the constitution of […]...
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Must Haves in a Pregnant Woman’s Daily Diet
Nutrition in the daily diet is one of the most important factors that a pregnant woman has to pay attention to before, during and after childbirth. The inclusion of foods from the following four categories is a must for every expecting mother. Fruits and veggies: Five servings of these in whatsoever form, fresh, dried, tinned or […]...
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Is it safe to use a mobile phone during pregnancy women
It is difficult to be away from your cell phone for even a small part of the day and for an expecting mom it is most difficult. So, it is not surprising if she gets wary on reading about the possible effects of exposure to the electromagnetic field of cell-phone. In this context, however, there […]...
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Iron deficiency in a mother raises autism risk in infant
Iron deficiency is common in pregnant women, that’s why most doctors prescribe iron supplements during pregnancy. A new study reveals the necessity of iron-rich diet and supplements for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers because deficiency of iron in the mother can increase the chances of autism in a child. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) brings repetitive behaviors, di...
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Super-Foods for Maximum Nutrition during Pregnancy
  Eating the right foods during pregnancy is an added responsibility to the mother to be as she has to take care of the nutrition needs of her baby too. Following are some guidelines which will educate her on the foods that she has to essentially include in her diet. Whole grains:  Inclusion of whole […]...
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