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tips for waxing at home
Many beauty product stores have certain kits for waxing at home. But, they are very expensive and it is equally expensive for getting this done in saloons. Therefore, home waxing methods have become popular as they are cheap and effective. This article discusses an easy home waxing method. Making the wax It is necessary to […]...
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indian wedding makeup
Bridal makeup highlights Looking best with trendy clothes and strong mehndi designs is usual and inevitable especially for the brides. Eye shadow base is applied first using flat brush and blending brush. Blending brush is further used to apply relatively lighter shade on the brow bone. Kajal pencil is used to apply kajal entirely on […]...
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Kareena kapoor Loreal Smokey Eye Makeup
The Loreal Smokey Eye makeup does not fail to charm all ages and cultures, a never fading trend. The allure and the dazzle often concern the eyes that mirror the soul. No costume ensemble or jewelry could equal the windows to the soul that truly reflects perfection and a vision beyond. The beauty business is […]...
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Top 7 Foods that will give You beautiful skin
The secret to a naturally glowing skin lies in the foods that you eat. Including the right foods in your diet gives a healthy, youthful skin that each one desires. Listed below are seven must-haves in your diet which will help you to get that enviable skin. Eggs: The lutein, biotin content in eggs imparts […]...
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india Runaway Week
IRW, India Runaway Week for the third time is back in the capital providing new designers a platform to showcase their talent. This is a three day winter festival organized by Indian Federation for Fashion Development.This great festive fashion gala is in New Delhi at Ocean Pearl Retreat on September 19. This is a platform […]...
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Gayatri R Suresh Miss Kerala
Thrissur young woman, Gayatri R Suresh, daughter of Suresh Kumar and Rekha has won the prestigious crown of Miss Kerala, 2014. Gayatri hailing from Thrissur is a South Indian Bank employee. On the dazzling evening of September 4, a lengthy grand finale was witnessed. Shortlisted for 300 entries were the 22 candidates walking through the […]...
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