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This ‘The Tiranga’ Video is one of the Best Independence Day Performances Ever

By Team
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August 13, 2015

68 the Indian Independence Day is coming up in just two days. This day is the most important day in Indian people’s lives, but to most of us urban Indians, this day is just another holiday. It is also a time when a lot of group makes performance videos with national anthem. While we think that most of these groups want publicity using Independence Day as an excuse, this year there is one Independence Day video which impressed us a lot.

Independence Day

Independence Day

This video talks about the importance of Tiranga in our life, it is a video made by some dancers who define the meaning of three colors in Indian flag. It talks about the significance of freedom which is every human being’s birth right. The dancers also remind us that we should always remember what our national flag stands for.

We think this video is a must watch for everyone in the occasion of Independence Day. We especially need to show the video to the young children in our home who may not even know that the colors in national flag has meaning. It is time we tell them the real meaning of Independence.

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