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GSAT-6 successfully positioned in its Orbit

By Nibha
In Breaking News
September 6, 2015

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said on Sunday that the Indian communication satellite GSAT-6 was positioned successfully in its orbit around the Earth. The satellite successfully positioned in its orbital slot of 83 Deg E and then collocated with INSAT 4A, GSAT10, GSAT 12 and IRNNSS1C on the morning of September 6 after it successfully carried out four drift arresting manoeuvers, reported ISRO.

GSAT-6 successfully positioned in its Orbit

GSAT-6 successfully positioned in its Orbit


This is the 25th geostationary communication satellite built by ISRO for India and is the 12th instalment in the GSAT series. Communication is provided by the GSAT-6 satellite using give spot beams in the S-band and one national beam for strategic users in the C-band. Although the GSAT-6 is the 12th satellite in the GSAT series, it is the first satellite with a cryogenic engine. It was launched on-board the GSLV-D6 rocket from the Sriharikota spaceport on August 27.  

The use of a cryogenic engine makes the launch and successful positioning of the GSAT-6 communications satellite a big success. This is because ISRO researchers and scientists have been gruelling themselves with getting it right with the cryogenic stage for years now. The cryogenic stage uses liquid hydrogen stored a -253 degrees Celsius as the fuel and liquid oxygen stored at -183 degrees Celsius as the oxidizer. These two are then mixed to ignite the engine at huge temperatures. The thrust provided by this ignition is used to position satellites weighing more than 2 tonnes in their orbits successfully. Since heavier satellites can only be launched using cryogenic engines, India could not launch heavy satellites in the past. Since 1990, ISRO scientists were looking to upgrade their PSLV technology for launching satellites into space, and their hard work has now come to fruition as GSAT-6, India’s first cryogenic engine powered satellite, successfully positioned itself in its orbital slot on Sunday, September 6.

GSAT-6 successfully positioned in its Orbit

GSAT-6 successfully positioned in its Orbit


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