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Breakthrough Information – Water Present On Mars!!

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September 28, 2015

Finding out the possibility of life on Mars has been going on for quite some time. Scientists are constantly working on finding any evidence that can prove the existence of life on Mars. The latest information in this subject is that scientists have found proof that there are salt water streams on Mars.

Breakthrough Information - Water Present On Mars!!

Breakthrough Information – Water Present On Mars!!

Though the presence of frozen water on Mars was confirmed during 2008, scientists were at work to find out more about the presence of water. NASA, on 28th September 2015 confirmed the presence of salt water streams during summer. This finding, which is a major breakthrough, could throw light on the existence of life on Mars.
Scientists were of the opinion that streams of water is present on Mars since long. Mars has very cold climate and hence water will be in the frozen form. The latest observation is the presence of narrow steaks on the surface of Mars which are dark in color. It is also observed that these streaks increase in size during hot period and at places where the temperature is above -10 degree F.
This observation and inference has boosted the enthusiasm of scientists as presence of water is directly related with existence of life. Though it can be said that there are water streaks, the source of water is not yet discovered. It is yet to be ascertained whether these streaks have origin from melting ice or from aquifer or from atmosphere or due to multiple sources.
NASA described this as a major invention, is continuing their research on the subject. Presence of water supports existence of life and further investigations and research could be conducted to find out the existence of micro-organism on the planet.

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