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ATS Finds Terror Angle in Kalyan Hotel Freeze Blast

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September 8, 2015

On September 6th a freeze blast incident happened in a hotel in Mumbai. Now at first the incident looked like a case of over heating. But as the investigation is going on, cops are finding some things which make them wonder if the incident had a terrorist hand or not. There is a lot of evidence which suggests that the explosion happened due the presence of a powerful bomb.

Kalyan Hotel

Kalyan Hotel

First of all ATS is saying that intensity of the blast was so powerful that a part of the main door was vanished. A lot of people were injured by that incident and this cannot happen with a just a freeze blast. That is why ATS is now taking the help of a special bomb squad to find out all the details. ATS is also meeting the injured in the hospital to know more about the blast.

Mumbai is a target city for the terrorists for a while now. The infamous 11/26 incident is still fresh in people’s mind. This is why many are in doubt whether or not a terrorist organization is behind this incident. Mumbai government has tightened the security in Kalyan area after the incident in hotel.

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