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What Can I Do for Dry Skin? Here Are Some Easy Tips To Be Followed

By Rima Chowdhury
In Beauty & Fashion
May 24, 2016

Summer days are here and it would be extremely difficult if you have a dry skin because during the hot days your skin tends to be dry than usual. Generally, dry skin problems vary from person to person and the main reason behind this problem may be the lack of hydration. Hydrating your body certainly affects your skin as high content of water helps to moisturise your skin well and keep it nourished all the time. Well, if you have dry skin, here are some easy ways to treat them.

What Can I Do for Dry Skin? Here Are Some Easy Tips To Be Followed

What Can I Do for Dry Skin? Here Are Some Easy Tips To Be Followed


  1.    Honey

Honey is a natural ingredient that helps to smooth your skin due to a moisturising agent in it. Also due to anti-inflammatory properties in it, honey helps to give you extremely smooth and soft skin. All you need to do is apply some honey on your hands and face and massage with the help of fingertips. Now allow the honey to stay for few minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.


  1.    Moisturise

You should regularly moisturise your skin because it helps to maintain the pH value on the skin and also helps to nourish it properly. You should choose the right amount of moisturiser every day and take some time to pick up the best moisturiser according to your skin type. Generally, people with dry skin should choose a moisturiser with the honey base.


  1.    Yoghurt

Massaging your face with yoghurt helps to nourish and moisturise your skin well because it contains bacteria that benefits your skin.  All you need to do is moisturise your skin with yoghurt and repeat this for 5 to 10 minutes. Now wash off with cold water.


  1.    Olive oil

Packed with antioxidants, olive oil helps to moisturise your skin and avoids getting tried. Most of the experts have said to apply olive oil because it is extremely beneficial for skin and will keep it hydrated and moisturised always.

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