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Move On From Dry Shampoo, Here Are Dry Conditioners

By Rima Chowdhury
In Beauty & Fashion
May 10, 2016

Hello girls, have any one of you tried dry conditioner? Yes, you heard it right! You probably were very familiar with dry shampoo, but now beauty regime is all about dry conditioner! Till now, I knew conditioners were more of creamy like consistency that would make your hair soft and shiny.  But now, dry conditioner is the latest counter part of dry shampoo and here we explain you everything about dry conditioner in detail.

Move On From Dry Shampoo, Here Are Dry Conditioners

Move On From Dry Shampoo, Here Are Dry Conditioners

We all have tried dry shampoo but the recent revolution is all about dry conditioners. Confused? Well, you don’t need to stress out for this because we would be providing you with all the indepth details of dry conditioners.

What is dry conditioner?

It is exactly and alternative or I can say, counter part of dry shampoo which works equally well like the creamy conditioner.  As we all know, dry shampoo due to its mattifier helps to sock the oil in your scalp leaving your hair with more volume and lift. But then, dry conditioner is a weightless aerosol hydrating formula that contains small conditioning molecules which helps to freshen up your hair from midshaft to ends, making that part of your hair look and feel fluffy and hydrated before you wash it again.

Experts have used essential oils and nutrients that helped to turn them into a powder-like aerosol, dry conditioner. Dry conditioner promises to deliver as much care to dry, damaged hair as regular leave-in conditioner, without having to get it wet.


How to apply dry conditioner

Various experts have said, first concentrate dry conditioner on your roots and brush it through for an even application. Now, then some dry conditioner and concentrate spraying it on the mideshaft of the roots i.e four inches of your roots. Keep spraying the dry conditioner all the way down till your hair ends and then brush it once again. The conditioner goes to work and help un-mat the tangles, leaving your hair super soft and shiny. 


What is the feedback

Hell! Girls trust me, woman who used dry conditioner never came back to dry shampoo because it worked well than dry shampoo and also was effective for longer days. It is good for girls who often style their hair, as dry conditioner helps to add texture to your hair as well as you are able to achive you achieve and complete finish look.

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